The 11th Havana Biennial (2012): The ultimate review 
The 11th Havana Art Biennial has been nothing short of spectacular. In addition to having all the Cuban contemporary greats in one place at the tranquil Morro fortress we have been treated to Mendive’s bare naked ladies, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov’s ship of tolerance, the giant floating flower pot and the viscerally bucolic and incredibly bloody work by Hermann Nitsch. While some could argue that previous Biennial’s may have somewhat lost their way, this month long exhibition of art and performances has undoubtedly restored this event to the first tier.


General introduction
Founded in 1984 and initially conceived as a competition, the Havana Art Biennial was reformulated to focus on key issues concerning contemporary art, embracing artists from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, with the gradual incorporation of European, US and s...  read more
  Mendive 2012 Biennial
Highlights of the 2012 Biennial
Manuel Mendive's 100 bare-naked ladies
Manuel Mendive's 100 bare-naked ladies
by Ana Lorena Gamboa Fernández
Aktion 135: Hermann Nitsch at the Biennial
Aktion 135
by Victoria Alcalá
La Ciudad Generosa
Generous City 
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez
Noah's Ark...or the Ship of Tolerance
Noah's Ark...or the Ship of Tolerance 
by Victoria Alcalá
MACSAN is the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Agustin Candelerio
The Artistic laboratory of MAC/SAN
(San Augustin)
Marlon de Azambuja Performance
Joel Farly’s Scarcity of Water performance at the 2012 Havana Biennial 
Highlights of the 2012 Biennial
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez
Carpintero's Conga irreversible at Havana's 11th Art
The Irreversible Conga
by Victoria Alcalá
La Caba?a: Ground zero for the best in Cuban art
La Cabaña: Ground zero for the best in Cuban art by Victoria Alcalá
Crispin Gurholt's ?Live Photo? in Havana
Crispin Gurholt's “Live Photo” in Havana
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez
Behind the Malec?n: multiple reflections on the City
Behind the Malecón: multiple reflections on the City  by Ricardo Alberto Pérez
San alejandro
Bastardos con Gloria at San Alejandro’s fine arts school
The many faces of a city [Surcos de la ciudad]
The many faces of a city [Surcos de la ciudad] by Victoria Alcalá

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