Red Bull's Breakin Salsa in Havana 
 by Ana Lorena Fernández
When the word on the Havana grapevine came through that Red Bull was sponsoring a Break Dance/Salsa competition we simply had to be there. Sometimes you run out of superlatives, perhaps super Cuban caliente conveys the general vibe. Cuban rapper and DJ Edgaro hosted, while Alexander Abreu got the crowd moving and 12 couples managed to take the best out of salsa and put it into break dance or was it the other way around. Either way the result was brilliant. I am not sure if Breakdin salsa has a future since it seems too damned hard to me but it is spectacular to watch. Ana Lorena was at Casa de la Música to watch the show (and perhaps learn a move or two!).

Photographs by Alexander M, © All rights reserved.

Once more Cuba enters the dance scene with the force of a hurricane. This past November 2012 saw the Red Bull Breakin Salsa event held in our country for the first time and second time in the world. The first was held in Colombia in 2011. The venue for the competition was the popular Casa de la Música, located right next to the art deco America Theater on Galiano Street in the heart of Havana.

The magic began at midnight when the stage lights came on and—microphone in hand—the Cuban rapper and DJ Edgaro announced that the competition was on. Fourteen couples competed in this event, which showed that break dancing has a future in Cuba.

The jury was made up of Cuban dancers Angel Santos, a highly acclaimed casino dancer; Hector Medina, director of Havana’s foremost comparsa, the Guaracheros de Regla; and Crazy Legs, a break dancer who hails from the US and who is already a legend of street dancing.

The event was livened up—if it needed any livening up at all—by Alexander Abreu featuring Havana D’Primera, whose salsa music got everybody out of their chairs ready to do their own dancing. The competition was divided into two parts: break dancing and salsa. Seven salsa couples and seven break dancers each competed during one minute dancing their chosen style and 30 seconds the other couples’ dance style.

The winners of the competition were Daylin and Antonio Pelayo, who showed their extraordinary talent in Latin dance salsa. The prize was a statuette representing bongo drums plus a weekend at the Meliá Sol Palmeras Hotel in Varadero.

Cubans’ passion for dance was more than demonstrated at the Casa de la Música where an explosion of talent and innovation was gathered at this unique event with the best representatives of salsa and break dancers in Havana.
Red Bull's Breakin Salsa in Havana
December 2012
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