Cubadisco: Cuba's premier music awards show 
Cuban draws from an incredibly rich musical heritage. As anyone who has spent any time in Cuba knows, you are never far from the sound of live music. Toby Brocklehurst is only half joking when he explains that ‘There are 100,000 registered musicians in Cuba and everyone else plays the guitar.’ Cubadisco is not so much Cuba’s version of the Garmmy’s as its own musical celebration and appreciation of the strides, which Cuban musicians and the Cuban recoding industry have made over the years. There are 25 prize categories with the main awards being keenly sought. The festival includes concerts, recitals, symposia and exhibits, and undoubtedly represents Cuba’s most important musical awards. The Festival has been held since 1997 and brings together the different Cuban recording studios and record labels under one roof for a week or so of celebration of music…

Cuba's premier music awards show
Cubadisco: The Cuban Grammys, May 2014

Cuba's premier music awards show
Cubadisco 2008: Cuba's premier music awards show
XVII Cubadisco - 2013 Festival
XVII Cubadisco - 2013 Festival
About Cubadisco
Every year Cubadisco is dedicated to a country and a musical genre and also pays tribute to artists and personalities with a distinguished creative work within Cuban Music. Specialized conferences, expositions, colloquiums, concerts and CD launching take place during the Fair, as well as a wide musical program at different theaters and salons of Havana City, with the participation of many Cuban and foreign groups and singers.

Around 1964 the existing record labels in Cuba were merged together under the name of Recordings and Musical Editions Enterprise (EGREM), which maintained a monopoly for almost 25 years in Cuban music. At the end of the 80s, other Recording Labels were formed, including ARTEX S.A, RTV Comercial and the studios P.M Record of Pablo Milanés and Ojalá of Silvio Rodríguez. A further three Cuban record labels were also established: Art Color, Caribe Productions and Magic Music.
April 2013
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