Annie Miller's Havana snapshot 
 by Annie Miller
Annie Miller was brought up in Russia, moving to the North East of England in 2009. She is a very talented young Russian photographer who during a recent visit to Cuba took a collection of refreshingly beautiful Havana snap-shots. I am torn between the slightly sober black and white shots, which perfectly capture a timeless city, and the glorious street scenes which she captures with a riot of color.

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Photographs by Annie Miller, © All rights reserved.
Annie Miller
Born in Moscow in 1985 in family of architects been surrounded by the
art from the very young age. She finished art school in Moscow in 2003. She obtained an architectural degree from Moscow Institute in 2009 where she worked as an architect, interior designer and freelance photographer. In 2009 she moved to the North East of England where she works as a freelance photographer.
Annie Miller's Havana snapshot
November 2012
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