Cuba's best electronic dance party at Parque Villalón 
by Ana Lorena Gamboa Fernández
If your image of Cuba is driven by an old men slowly dancing son to a Buena Vista sound track as the sun sets on the malecon, framed by crumbling colonial architecture while a vintage 1954 Cadilac cruises by then you may be in for something of a shock this Friday at Parque Villalón which is the setting for a group of Cuban DJs latest techno party. Under the Pluss+ umbrella this is the same team that puts on the funkiest parties at el Bertolt Brecht. Expect DJs DJ Lejardi, Rey y Obi to pump out the tunes while the rock group Hipnosis and Blanco brothers (David and Ernesto) pump up the volume. This project has an artistic component with various of Cuba’s arts scene in attendance along with the Havana’s hippest crowd. This is a place to party like its 1999, an embryonic rave scene with genuine energy which come rain or shine will dance the night away.

For a taster check out the video below produced by the Pluss+ team. Be there from 8.30pm Friday September 28, 2012 at Parque Villalón.
Cuba's best electronic dance party at Parque Villalón
September 2012
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