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Reliving history at the Museum of the Revolution

by Ricardo Alberto Pérez A visit to the Museo de la Revolución on No 1 Refugio St. is one of

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Journey to Birán in search of Castro’s past

By Lydia Bell Birán is a tiny hamlet in the steamy, jungle-dense, tourism-free side of Cuba where Fidel Castro grew

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Literacy for All

By Victoria Alcalá Every Cuban parent knows—because their children take care of reminding them—that December 22 is Educator’s Day, and

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Photography in the Cuban Revolution

by Ricardo Alberto Pérez Those of us who were born a few years after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution

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La Habana is celebrating its 497 anniversary.

Marabana: Run Charlie run

It is dark outside, 5.30am. Wishful thinking that I could simply sleep in and let the Havana marathon wait another

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American Heritage Tour

TROPICANA: So many Yumas can’t be wrong

Politicians, businessmen and celebrities of the arts rubbed shoulders at Tropicana with American mobsters, US marines and Hollywood stars who

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Cuba Beyond the Beach: Stories of Life in Havana

This intimate portrait of life in Havana, vibrates with the sounds of the city.

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King Coconut in Havana

It could very well be that the number-one refreshing drink for most Cubans is “agua de coco,” or coconut milk.

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An architectural stew

Havana has always been a very cosmopolitan city, open to different influences.

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Havana's Birthday Issue

November 2016

We include guest features from around Cuba, a detailed Havana Events Listing as well as our reviews of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and private accommodation.

The future in our reach

by Victoria Alcalá Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba made the word “entrepreneur” fashionable, especially when referring to the young, although

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Being a Millennial is a state of mind

Photos by Alex Mene Millennials, also called Generation Y or Generation Peter Pan, are people who were born between 1980

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The Millenial Generation in Cuban art

by Ricardo Alberto Pérez Within the different Cuban artistic media these days, we can talk about the presence of a

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When the Box Is Empty

by Andreas Clark Let’s say you are 30 years old. OK, 30 something. Or maybe a little less, and you

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Guámpara Music: Feet planted in Santiago de Cuba but eyes on the continent

If you describe Guámpara Music as a brand-new project, you will find it’s only half the story.

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Alejandro Zamora: A Cuban Hip-Hop Historian chatted with him about this and his work in support of the Cuban hip-hop scene from the literary point

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Colossus at Dawn

by Sebastian Caniveille Some distance after you cross the Almendares River and just before you leave Playa municipality, in that

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Less Is More

by Patricia Font When the artist Wilfredo Prieto exhibited his by now unforgettable half full or half empty glass of

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Tradicionales de los 50: Embodying the Golden Age of Cuban music

by Ricardo Alberto Pérez Among the many surprises and satisfactions that the Havana night generally offers both visitors and nationals,

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Goodbye Tamagotchi, welcome Cosplayers

by Luciana Díaz The kids of my generation had an odd hobby that I don’t think existed in any other

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SNET: The Shortest Distance

By Rosario Falls The shortest distance between two points is defined by the type of connection those points have managed

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