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The Dance Issue

april 2016

We include guest features from around Cuba, a detailed Havana Events Listing as well as our reviews of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and private accommodation.



So, President Obama, Michelle and the kids came for Spring Break to Havana, mother in law in tow to keep an eye on things. As if that wasn’t enough, two days after they left, the largest rock band in the world played to 1 200 000 people in the biggest and best music concert Havana has seen in a generation. I loved the mix from the young cool reggaetonero to the pensioners whose last concert was before the young hipsters were born. And before anyone says anything about has-beens who stick around for too long, hats off to the incredible Mick Jagger who at age 72 can still move around a stage like no one else.

This issue is taking as its inspiration Mick’s moves on the dance floor and covering Dance in Cuba in its entirety. The starting point is Havana City in Motion: Modern Dance Festival in Old Havana, one of Havana’s truly best festivals that brings alive the old city with a riotous assemble of performances from around the world (April 6-19, 2016). This is run by the incomparable Isabel Bustos, who is a true spitfire in her own right. Staying on a modern bent, the Havana Queens Party is something to behold as is the incredibly talented Miguel Iglesias’ Danza Contemporánea.

Turning to the more traditional, we pay a visit to the house of Rumba in Havana’s Cayo Hueso district and review Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba. Coming back to the house of salsa, we strongly recommend Ritmo Cuba’s Salsa Festival, which mixes the best of Cuban salsa dancers with a strong international contingent. Salsa’s Coming Home!

Moving to Spanish dance, where better to start than with an army of little girls in long skirts, a story that goes a long way to explaining the profound talent, which appears later on as shown, by Irene Rodríguez. Our dance section closes out with the two titans of Cuban ballet, Alicia Alonso and Carlos Acosta. Past and Present. The Gran Teatro de la Habana has just reopened following a loving restoration and has been named after the Grand Dame of Cuba. Carlos has come back to Cuba after many years starring with the Royal London Ballet Company and is presenting his own company: Acosta Danza.

So what are you waiting you? Get your dancing shoes on and go show what you’ve got!

Abrazos! Team

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The week that was

Obama came and saw

Rock’n’rolling with The Rolling Stones

“It´s only Rock and Roll, but I Like it”


21 Festival Internacional de Danza en Paisajes Urbanos: Habana Vieja Ciudad en Movimiento

Isabel Bustos Dancing with Retazos

Havana Queens Party

Miguel Iglesias: swimmer turned dancer

Rumba in Havana’s Cayo Hueso district

Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba

Ritmo Cuba Salsa Festival: a springtime showcase

Dancing in the Night in Cuba

An Army of Little Girls in long skirts

Irene Rodríguez and her Spanish Dance Company

Dance and the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso

Alicia Alonso: The Grand Dame of Cuba

Cuban Ballet Dancers go International

Carlos Acosta presents his new company: Acosta Danza

Acosta Danza Premiere Season

Havana Events Listing

Havana Guide

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