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Abel Ernesto’s stunningly beautiful “Ángulos”

Abel Ernesto’s stunningly beautiful “Ángulos”

In his own words (Abel Ernesto Rubio Estrada)
Havana, the city of time-peeled signs and gods. With its columns underpinning what the ancients left of old. Its mystified soot that is making history. Its development truncated. The beauty of its worried countenance, creased with traces of the vainness of earlier days. Still finding the courage to stand up and let life flow through its stones among the incredible profusion of textures. A city that went beyond its borders out of the urgency to grow and then lifted its eyes and flirted with the clouds, the ones that unhurriedly pass overhead, and Havana sees them move away from its height beside the sea. A strange melancholy shows in its eyes, and from the eternal dance of time, Havana awakes and life marches on.

About Abel Ernesto
Photo-journalist for the Agencia de Información Nacional (AIN)* Born on December 3, 1973; studied at the Enrique José Varona Pedagogical Institute in Havana, where he majored English.

He began to work as a photographer in 2003, and in 2004 joined the Alma Mater magazine, where he stayed for around five years. His job there focused mainly on events related to university life. In 2009, he joined the AIN as graphic editor and in 2011 as photo-journalist. He has carried out his artistic and journalistic activities at the same time. He was awarded First Prize for the best picture report during a media festival at the Abril Publishing House in 2006. His photographs have been exhibited in several collective shows and a solo exhibit (Ángulos) about the city of Havana at the Servando Cabrera Gallery in 2011.

Tel: (53) 5 249 3220
April 2013

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