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Back to school? Time for one last party?

Back to school? Time for one last party?

A number of producers and techno artists are responsible for the creation of Sarao. Dj Ra, originally a hip-hop artist who successfully transitioned to electronic music, was the mastermind behind the Sarao Project, which first saw the light at the Jardines de la Tropical in 2009. Other techno musicians involved in Sarao from its beginnings are Iván Lejardi, a self-taught techno artist and producer as well as tireless promoter of electronic music through a combination of audio and visual arts, graphic design and diverse forms of Cuban contemporary art; and DJ Obi, who prefers minimal techno and tech house.

Back to school, maybe-but don’t expect the parties to stop!

Opens: 8pm
Admission fee: 20.00 MN
Jardines de La Tropical
Calle Rizo y Final, Puentes Grandes. Marianao.

September 2013

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