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Biel Gomes: Fragments of Cuba

Biel Gomes: Fragments of Cuba

About Biel Gomes
I graduated in Social Communication, and after eight years working as art director for major advertising agencies in Southern Brazil, decided to devote myself to one of my great passions. My experience with cinema began in late 2010 when I was doing a specialization in filmmaking in EICTV (Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV in Cuba), a super prestigious school in the world of cinema.

Since returning to Brazil I started experimenting and ended up opening an audiovisual production company, called “Bloco Films” in the city of Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. I have some work for advertising directed by the manufacturer, but in late 2011 carried out my first short film, quite independently and somewhat experimental. This is a monologue and intimate feeling of a young woman who finds herself in a dilemma. Everything stems from the search for inspiration in composing a dedication in the book “Complete Poems” by Manoel de Barros (Brazilian poet), a gift for a young girl. But the dedication is drawn up, and becomes the starting point for a journey to meet the literal roots of poetry and the poet. This short film is still in the process of selecting some festivals worldwide.

August 2012

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