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Caroline Glasius-Nyborg’s Cuban magic

Caroline Glasius-Nyborg’s Cuban magic

In her own words:

To me Cuba is a kind of utopia, in Cuba you can experience things that I don’t think is possible anywhere else in the world, and it’s hard not to get carried away. Arriving to Cuba for the first time, to me was like coming to another planet.

Cuba gives me a sense of magic, that everything can happen. The musicians you can find sitting on Malecon in the daytime preparing for the evening’s show, the national ballet where the backdoor sometimes is left open to the street and you can see the amazingly talented ballet dancers rehearsing on the actual stage. Another place a couple in their eighties are dancing a passionate salsa, and later in the evening, you see a man and a woman all dressed in white, a tradition from the Afro-Cuban religion Yoruba, sending a white pigeon to the sky. These experiences happening in a theatrical scenery of old decayed colonial style buildings in combination with an amazingly beautiful light and colors is what inspirers me in my work. I want to try to capture this atmosphere.

With that said Cuba is much more than what I described above. This is just Cuba and the Cuban society from one angle. My wish is not to make political work but to capture moments and tell stories about human beings.

To me the camera is a tool to get closer to my surroundings, learn more about people, life in general and myself for that matter. My aim is to let the photo tell the story of the person and try to catch a glimpse of the soul.

About Caroline Glasius-Nyborg:

Caroline Glasius-Nyborg is born in 1985 in Denmark. Caroline has always been a creative sensitive soul searching for ways to express herself. In 2008 she took up photography, during a stay at a Danish folk high school, and immediately got really passionate about it. Later she went to Copenhagen Photography School. After this experience she began working as a freelance photographer. Her work from Cuba has been exhibited in different locations around Copenhagen.

You can see more of Caroline’s work on her website

September 2012

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