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Christian Gundín

Christian Gundín

There are as many types of collectors as there are collections. A true art collector is possessed by an unbridled passion that will launch them to a dimension from which there is no turning back. Collecting art is a sin of the spirit that stirs thoughts, feelings, emotions, moods; it is a relentless questioning as a cycle of life within life.

An art collector should be by nature someone who is in perfect harmony with the elements of the universe; a creator of free and apolitical spaces who is moved by and enjoys beauty as a part of his or her lifestyle.

Christian Gundín is in all probability the youngest collector of contemporary Cuban art. At the age of 28, he is one of the few Cubans who collect art and lives on the island. Other Cubans also collect Cuban art but from afar. “The most important thing for me,” he said, “is the possibility of being close to the artists to be able to embrace them, to cry and laugh with them in our city.”

As a youth, he was strongly drawn to art. Being a collector and loving art with powerful force has drawn him even closer to this “fatal attraction” and has allowed him to find a way of life and spiritual nourishment in Cuba today, a feeling of belonging¸ of preserving our memories with dignity.

Gundín’s collection includes works by many remarkable and renowned artists in contemporary Cuba. Other pieces are by virtually unknown artists early in their careers. With the latter, especially, he maintains a collaborative relationship, a mutually nourishing relationship.

Gudín’s collection is not confined to a special room or corner—in his home, art lives in the same space and breaths the same air as the collector does: in the living room, or the bedroom, or any place in the house. Gudín is in love with art in general and his collection in particular—he is passionate about it. But it is precisely this love and passion what makes this Cuban a true art collector.
June 2012

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