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The World´s Longest Cigar is in Cuba

The cigar roller who makes the world´s longest cigar lives in Cuba.

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Héctor Luis Prieto: The youngest Hombre Habano

Talking to Héctor Luis was not easy. But still, talking about cigars, his great passion… there is always time for

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Cigars in Cuban art. Consolation of the pensive

The history of cigars as a leitmotif or coprotagonist in Cuban art goes back to the first half of the

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Tobacco caressed by muses and divas

Cigars have left a considerable mark on art and literature. Poets and artists have adopted them.

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The Silence of Tobacco

From the moment I arrived at the Quemado del Rubí Plantation in San Juan y Martínez, I think my belief

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Under the Spell of Tobacco

My father used to say that the excellent cigar had a smooth, soft skin, with no veins, with an even

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Tobacco: The Queen of Herbs

It is said that Catherine de Medici, queen of France, used snuff to relieve her son Francis II’s migraine headaches.

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Holy Smoke, Heavenly Habanos

Perhaps, what is true is that the unique contemplative pleasure of smoking a Havana cigar should never be taken lightly.

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The undeniable magic of tobacco

It was precisely in Cabaiguán that an 80-year-old farmer showed me for the first time how to fashion the perfect

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The best cigar I have ever smoked

I am sure that every enthusiastic cigar smoker has been asked, “What is your favorite cigar?”

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Alejandro Robaina – Cuba’s most famous cigar maker

Robaina learned the secrets of the land where he set up his own vega, or tobacco fields.

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La Habana Magazine

February 2017

We include guest features from around Cuba, a detailed Havana Events Listing as well as our reviews of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and private accommodation.

A visitors guide to Cigar smoking in Havana

Places for a cigar’s lover journey to the city

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Searching for Pink Smoke

Pink Smoke is the working title of this story set in the majestic Viñales Valley

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Talking with Simon Chase

He laughs a lot when he speaks. He says that whenever a group of men gather around a good cigar,

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Partagas El Libro: Lovechild of a Cuban cigar aficionado

In the interest of transparency I have to disclose that Amir is a good friend

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The Havana Cigar Festival with Sir Terence Conran

The festival is of course not just about smoking cigars. It has a serious business side.

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