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Demo-n/Crazy with Danza Contemporánea de Cuba

Demo-n/Crazy with Danza Contemporánea de Cuba

While all four pieces were performed with their customary style it was the first, Demo-n/Crazy, which took the breath away. In his choreography, Rafael Bonachela conjures up demons of eroticism and sexuality with his brilliant duo arrangements–men and women inventing ways of accommodating each other, using every part of their bodies for seduction and display, from wide swaggering jumps to the thoughtful nuzzling of a foot. Rafael glories in the burnish of the company’s physicality. His choreography operates through an implacable physical logic leaving the audience to wonder as the dancers push themselves through the work’s linear thrusts, flaring stretches and wrestling partnerwork.

Rafael Bonachela
Bonachela has been the artistic director at the Sydney Dance Company in Australia since 2009 and is a guest choreographer at Danza Contemporánea de Cuba.

Choreography: Rafael Bonachela
Choreography Assistant: Margarita Vilela
Music: Razones/Bebe: Four Marys/Julia Wolfe: Ne Me Quitte Pas (version by Nina Simona)/Estrella Morente: Early That Summer/Julia Wolfe.
Wardrobe design: Carlos Díaz / Rafael Bonachela
Lighting design: Manolo Garriga.

Dancers: Alberto González / Ana Beatriz / Carlos Blanco / Gabriela Burdsall / Javier Aguilera / Julio J. león / Jennifer Tejeda / Jenny Nocedo / Laura Ríos / Lisbeth Saad / Lisvet Barcia / Luís E. Carricaburu / Mario S. Elías / Marta Ortega / Norge Cedeño / Raúl Reinoso / Thais Suárez / Yaday Ponce / Yasser Domínguez / Yanelis Godoy / Yosmell Calderón.
This piece was commissioned by DanceEast.
Danza Contemporánea de Cuba
Founded in 1959, Cuba’s leading contemporary dance company has had a profound influence on Cuban dance and dancers. Over the past 53 years Danza Contemporánea de Cuba has evolved into an ‘an exotic hybrid of contemporary, classical and Caribbean styles…an exquisite physical instrument…They move with an old-fashioned juiciness, reminiscent of the Martha Graham Company, burning up the choreography’. Judith Mackrell, the Guardian 

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