Cycling by your own in Havana!

First Sunday of each month
Ruta Bikes
13 Street and 16, Vedado.

Bicycles in a wonderful city and a passionate team coming together in a unique experience in Havana. If you want know about the city you could rent a bike, visit many local places, see a hidden urban forest, and experience how the pace of the city shifts when you observe it atop two. Every first Sunday of the month you could going to take a bike ride through the city. There are those who come to ride a bike because they like exercise, there are those who do it out of respect for the environment, others to follow their friends and some because they no longer know how to do anything other than “pedealear”. The route will be announced at the beginning of the walk.


– Prepare yourself with fresh water and clothes to have a good time.

– This is a free activity.

– You must come with your bike, if you do not have it, you can rent one. (535) 3256657