Expo Remanga&Son

Until April 30
Cuban artists
La Marca
Obrapía Street # 108C between Oficios and Mercaderes, Old Havana.

Two years, against some forecasts, in the MARCAdera. To celebrate them, in the usual way, we will make the first exhibition cycle of the year related to our passion and reason as study: the tattoo.
That is why we will start with the exhibition Remanga & Son, in which tattoo artists and designers will present, on various supports, 12 graphic pieces, as a “sleeves” (in tattooers’ language understood as shoulder, arm and forearm), from synergy with illustration And, above all, with the design.
In addition to Remanga & Son, this cycle will include, as always, presentations by other artists who return to the Brand space or who are linked to it for the first time. Thus we will have in the following days the most wanted, action to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the living statue the gunman; the inauguration of Dystopia Memoria, personal expo of the French artist Anaïs Pradal, tattooist who shared a season us; the sound exhibition Puertos, by Raymel Casamayor, as part of the event Voces itinerantes, organized by the Leo Brower Office; And the presentation of Dj Jigüe and Iran “El Menor”, also celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the Guampara Music project. In addition we will have workshops for children and teenagers, among other actions that will surely arise along the way.

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