Havana Queens Party

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30 p.m.
Havana Queens
Habana Libre Hotel
L Street between 23 and 25, Vedado.

Havana Queens company was founded in April 2012 and directed by Lic. Rosario García Rodríguez has a whole style, and a comprehensive repertoire, marked mainly by the strength of women on stage and the whole tradition of Cuban, from the African root, Spanish, traditional folklore and an international hue. This merger created throughout a choreographic work based mainly on the study and use of various dance genres.
Dancers composed numerous high technical and artistic level. Graduates of contemporary dance, ballet, folklore, Spanish dance. In addition to having dancers dance breack which by its nature nourish company all this foreign style widely used in international settings.
Because of its wide repertoire music selection is very diverse, encompassing large orchestras of national and international prestige of the popular music of our country as well as other international selections. Both in correspondence to the choreographic work and demand danzario work of the company.

http://havanaqueens.com/ patrickhofer@gmx.ch patrickhofer@nauta.cu (535) 332 2415