José María Vitier at Teatro Martí

Saturday 28 at 8:30 p.m.
José María Vitier
Teatro Martí
Dragones Street # 58 between Prado and Zulueta, Old Havana.

José María Vitier is a distinguished Cuban composer and pianist. With his music for piano, symphonic orchestra, choir and different ensembles of classical music and jazz, he has found an innovative way of linking high-brow music with the traditional roots of Cuban music. His work, of outstanding originality and deep Cuban flavor, has been played by important performers and bands from Cuba and the world.

He has composed the soundtrack of more than 60 films, among them Fresa y chocolate, which was nominated for the Oscars, and other movies whose music has received  awards as the Ocella Award at the Venecia Film Festival in 1987 or the Coral Award at the International Film Festival of Havana.)

Some of his most popular works are the Misa Cubana, performed in more than sixteen countries; his symphonic oratorio Salmo de las Américas; his cantata El cantar del Caballero y el Destino, whose first performance was conducted by Vitier himself at the Karl Marx theater in 2008; a copious pianistic work where stand out especially his Danzas cubanas which are widely known, in Cuba and abroad, and his Canciones para voz, piano y orquesta, and recently his opera Santa Anna whose libretto was written by the Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes. (537) 78667152 (537) 78667153