Welcome to the imaginary island

April 28-30 at 8:30 p.m.
DanzAbierta Company
Teatro Martí
Dragones Street # 58 between Prado and Zulueta, Old Havana.

Susana Pous, a Spanish choreographer who has directed DanzAbierta since 2008, works in collaborations with Cuban visual artists and musicians in Welcome. Many of Pous’s pieces -like Showroom– address and resist exotic stereotypes of Cuban dancers still promulgated by tacky tourist cabarets.

Original Idea, Art Direction and Choreography: Susana Pous
Artistic Consultant and Technical Direction: Guido Gali
Installative Design: Mabel Poblet
Original Music: Aldo López-Gavilán
Sound Design: Raymel Casamayor
Costume Design: Celia Ledon
Photographic Exhibition: Pilar Rubio
Documentation: Caleb Casas
Production: Isabel Infante
General Counsel: Noel Bonilla-Chongo

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