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Fashion designer Jacqueline Fumero

Fashion designer Jacqueline Fumero

by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

The outstanding fashion designer Jacqueline Fumero has become very visible on the Havana scene these days ever since her Café-Boutique opened about three years ago. Her shop is located in a lovely part of town that carries with it a substantial load of history and legend: La Loma del Ángel. Just a few steps from the Museum of the Revolution, the hill is closely associated with the most important novel written in Cuba in the 19th century: Cecilia Valdés.

Born in Havana in 1966, Jacqueline Fumero began designing clothes in 2003 and soon established two lines for her work: daywear and evening wear. Her daywear uses natural fibers such as cotton and linen and different craft techniques such a thread-pulling, embroidery, hand-painting and patchwork. In contrast, her vision for elegant eveningwear includes silk, chiffon, muslin, gauze, organza, taffeta and brocade.

Jacqueline designs both prêt-a-porter and custom tailoring. The party dresses she creates make use of adornments in silver, nacre, pearls and Swarovski crystals. Besides clothing, she also has a line of bags, purses and necklaces made of semi-precious stones. Everything she creates gives women the chance to feel they are creative and bold and that they are wearing one-of-a-kind items.

fumero01Her special concept of elegance has a touch of simplicity, with styles that are practical and respond to the demand of our tropical climate, although they are still tinged with the breath of the avant-garde and they always work to enhance female charms. Jacqueline has often stated that her work reflects the day-to-day experiences of her country, something of which she is very proud. Her inspiration comes from the most minimal details around her and they enrich her highly-developed esthetic ideas.

When we ask about her trajectory in the fashion business, we discover that she has also devoted herself to making classic Cuban “batas” or frocks. Cecilia Valdés is her inspiration for these because this fictional character is clearly the most vivid symbol of the image of a Cuban mulatto woman. This collection combines traditional elements with contemporary touches and they are both beautiful and practical.

She has also designed a collection of skirts that can be used both for day and eveningwear. Predominantly in black with blue, green or red applied designs, they come in a wide variety of informal styles, perfect for women of any age.

fumero03A series of exclusive, very youthful dresses in her shop highlight a very original use of ribbons and bows. Her boutique is full of glamorous objects conceived to add sparkle to feminine sensibilities: boxes, perfume bottles, and a range of decorations.

Jacqueline’s Café & Boutique provides us with a special venue that combines fashion with culinary fantasies, all in good taste. Nothing like enjoying a sensational smoothie, dessert or cup of coffee surrounded by the vibrant world of fashion.

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