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Fashions for the Young in Cuba

Fashions for the Young in Cuba

by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

So far in this 21st entury, we have been able to see great transformations in the social behavior of Cuban young people. This ends up directly influencing the way in which they perceive and project fashions here on an Island that has never wanted to lag behind in any new trend.

What is very interesting is the capacity Cubans have to make a very unique imprint on anything that comes to us from abroad. Even though there are those among us who are highly critical of such an attitude and use the phrase “Cubans either reach the goal or they go way past it,” this type of irreverence characterizes us and puts an exotic and seductive slant on the behaviors our people exhibit.

young-fashion03Cuban youth has decided to accept everything these times have to offer. In this regard, I believe that the subject of sexuality has also been very much associated with what is worn and what is not worn these days.

In terms of fashions, it seems that the sexes have been manifesting themselves in different directions. While the guys have a tendency to cultivate a scruffy image, with hairstyles that look uncombed, with lumberjack style beards that are full and somewhat uneven, and boots being worn with shorts to complete the image, girls are aiming for a refined look. They like elaborate hairstyles, both in the cuts and in the use of hair products, including keratin, hair wax, mousse… Hair is getting tinted in different tones of red and blonde, and braids are a favorite stylistic element for swept up styles.

As for make-up, it looks like we are seeing a neutral trend in base tones. Women are tattooing their eyebrows and applying silver and gold as “permanent” eyeliners. Lips are veering towards red and orange and nails are done in bright colors with an emphasis on the dark range of black, green and blue.

young-fashion02Lately we have been seeing a lot of Cuban young people wearing boots in all styles and colors. They are worn with short shorts, dresses or jeans. Some of the younger girls have revived the princess style dresses, circle skirts and lots of cleavage. Other popular items are plaid shirts and very short shorts paired up with canvas sneakers.

When talking about male fashions, we cannot ignore the importance of the metrosexual these days in Cuba. This trend sees men shaving their whole bodies and their eyebrows, wearing earrings and dying their hair, preferably black or getting highlights. These lads wear close-fitting clothing, both their shirts, and their shorts and trousers, choosing colors that have been traditionally seta side for the gals.

There is no doubt that a huge influence on the fashions worn by young men on the Island has been exerted by international soccer players, other sports stars or show business figures who are very popular here.

young-fashion01Tattooing has become increasingly popular among both young men and women. There are more professional tattoo specialists these days, especially in the private sector of our society. And when you have covered parts of your body with a variety of symbols and designs, this to a great extent influences what you are going to wear.

All in all, fashions come and go—sometimes they’re recycled and sometimes they disappear rather quickly…sometimes for the better.

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