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Goldfish: an ironic and irreverent look into reality

Goldfish: an ironic and irreverent look into reality

Reynier Rodríguez Vázquez, who is making his debut with this play, has said that Goldfish depicts a situation that many people are “victims” of, that is, the media tells you what to do, what to say, what to wear… Nobody escapes from this! And what Goldfish does is criticize the negative part of this issue.

The stage of the Trianón Theater, or rather, the entire hall, is transformed into a TV set. The play develops as a talk show or reality show, so the audience will see hostess, guests, live music and even commercial breaks, the latter with Cuban flavor. In the style that characterizes the unscrupulous frivolity that is common to these shows, Goldfish aims to deconstruct Pablo and the context in which he lives.

The set design, the wardrobe and the music, which are crucial to this production, have all been perfectly handled. Meanwhile, the cast is perfect in their roles, especially Yordanka Ariosa in the role of the hostess,Despite some ups and downs in the pace of the play, audiences will find that Goldfish is funny while it analyses serious issues and is well worth seeing

Playing during September 2013 at Sala teatro Trianón
Fri & Sat, 8:30pm; Sun, 5pm

September 2013

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