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Habana Vieja: Ciudad en movimiento

Habana Vieja: Ciudad en movimiento

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The premise behind the International Dance Festival in Urban Landscapes is to draw inspiration from the city’s architecture, to awaken the imagination, to promote new creative environments and to encourage the exchange of ideas and artistic experiences between the people of different languages and cultures.

Aiming to link dance choreography with the visual and expressive nature of the old city, as well as seeking to interact with passers-by, the event. A daring perpendicular stairway or the repetitious cadence of a fountain represents an opportunity for expression.

Habana Vieja: Ciudad en movimiento 2012
(Old Havana, City in Motion)
Habana Vieja: Ciudad en movimiento 2013
(Old Havana, City in Motion)
Posters Sede del Festival
Amargura No. 61 e/ San Ignacio y Mercaderes, Habana Vieja, La Habana, Cuba, CP 10 100

Teléf.: (+537) 860 4341 / 866 0512
Teléf. / Fax: (+537) 204 9986
E-mail: /
Coordinador general: Eugenio Chávez
Comité Organizador
Teléf.: (+537) 867 5257 / 867 5263 Isabel Bustos:
Up Close & personal

t Las Carolinas theater, in the heart of Old Havana, we are welcomed by a woman with a tender Andean gaze that however betrays Andalusian passions and an indomitable Araucanian spirit. Born in Chile, Isabel Bustos came to Cuba as a child where she grew up against the background of revolutionary Cuba in the early decades. She studied ballet at the National Art School and choreography at the Sorbonne in Paris.
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Bits & pieces in Havana with Isabel Bustos

Whoever visits Old Havana´s Historical Centre in April will find a surprising sight: the old city dances. Plazas, parks, streets, museums and old rambling houses seem to be possessed by the spirit of dance, which invoked by dancer and choreographer Isabel Bustos and her company Retazos—Bits and Pieces—turns balconies, windows, stairs and centenary walls into stages.
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