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Harley Davidson Varadero Rally

Harley Davidson Varadero Rally

Part of Cuba’s attraction undeniably is its pre 1960s vintage from the classic American cars, through Tropicana and Buena Vista Social Club to simply the feel and look of the place. That it also harbors something of a penchant for vintage Harley Davidson’s is something of an open secret for those in the know but may still come as something of a surprise to visitors to the island.

Although there have been many Harley events in the past few years, last month saw the first ‘international’ rally with over 50 Harlistas making there way to Varadero for 3 days of activities organized by Max Cuchi and Abel Pez (see for more details).

This offered a fascinating portrait not just of Harley culture in Cuba (and believe me, the Cuban Harlistas are ‘loco’ for their bikes) but also to alternative culture in Cuba more generally and how concepts translate in Cuba (As in all things Cuban there is a lot of invention, complications, gossip and outright fun!). The highlight for me has to be Cuba’s oldest Harlista, 102 years old Jose Julio Garcia who explains how he caught the ‘Harley Bug’.

Contact details:
Max Cuchi:
Tel: +(53) 7 879-0506 / 5-263-1339

Abel Pez
Tel: 5-264-4546 August 2012

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