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Havana Harvest (2009)

Havana Harvest (2009)

Havana Harvest is a fast-paced international thriller by Robert Landori that reveals the dangerous double-dealings of the CIA in Cuba by telling the story of a CIA operative and his struggle to outsmart the tormentors who intend to silence him forever.

Based partly on a true story, Havana Harvest follows the maneuverings of two adversarial intelligence services as they attempt to inflict maximum damage on each other through a series of high-tension suspense. In Cuba, General Patricio Casas must decide whether to support the revolution he has fought endlessly for, or do what is good for his people by challenging the selfish authoritarianism of the Castroite regime. Meanwhile, CIA operative Robert Lonsdale is tasked with determining why a captain in Fidel?s army seeks U.S. protection from a Colombian drug cartel and the Cuban secret police. Lonsdale is quickly drawn into a disarray of intrigue and murder, with General Casas’ help as his only chance for survival.


October 2010

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