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I Invite You to My House

I Invite You to My House

This area is much frequented by tourists who delight in taking pictures of once-beautiful mansions, which have been eaten away by time, and the incessant battering of the sea and salty air. In so far as the inhabitants feature, they have bit parts which seem solely to confirm the apparent poverty of their surroundings.

I Invite You to My House seeks to look further inside this superficial image through getting to know the families living there. With time they cease to be atmospheric props and become like any other group or family with their own activities and markers from the day-to-day routine of preparing lunch, doing homework and helping their neighbors to birthday celebrations and the birth of a new baby.

This exhibition includes both black and white photographs and videos in which the subjects talk about their current lives, expectations and dreams. It seems to document the life of a community, their relationships, interdependence, strength, dignity and dreams even when the material circumstances are severely constrained.

  María del Pilar Rubí is a freelance photographer ( who works mainly in projects in which she lives with the subjects of her pictures thus creating an atmosphere of trust which is her primary element at the time of taking a picture. March 2014 This article formed part of the March 2014 issue of What’s On Havana The definitive monthly travel & culture guide to Havana Download our current issue of What?s On Havana, your definitive travel, culture and entertainment guide for all things happening in Havana, Cuba?s bustling and enigmatic capital city. We include features from around Cuba written by the best international travel writers covering Cuba. Our monthly online digital magazine is also available in Spanish and French.

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