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María Cienfuegos: using photography to overthrow the tedium

María Cienfuegos: using photography to overthrow the tedium

But María Cienfuegos also calls on family to have their portraits taken. Families are situated in different scenes, in different attitudes and at different kinds of events.  These families are sometimes photographed in public places and at other times in their homes.  This is a series she has been working on since 2008 and she seems to have found a vast array of expressions. 

Maria believes that photography should be used to impose a new order on things that have been tediously organized.  Photographs should not obey; they should overthrow the tedium and enter into the frank territory of art.  She cannot renounce any special concept of beauty; she knows there are less visible fragments of memory.

María Cienfuegos’ work has no pretentious overtones.  She seems to have cultivated patience in which she trusts and which helps her to achieve her images.  Living and dead organisms are placed side by side whether it is a dog show (Best in show -2008/ 2010) or a herbal record (naturaleza muerta II– [Still Life II] 2011).   No matter what the image, each photo tells a story that can be interpreted with the utmost freedom and provoke multiple ideas.

Octuber 2013

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