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Being a Millennial is a state of mind

Being a Millennial is a state of mind

Photos by Alex Mene

Millennials, also called Generation Y or Generation Peter Pan, are people who were born between 1980 and 2000. For anthropologists who spend their lives studying parental relationships, this is the generation that follows Generation X and the Baby Boomers who were raised in the time slot between wars and economic instability.

But if we could eliminate the harmful process of putting labels on things, we would see that being a Millennial is not a generational thing, it’s a state of mind that leads to a number of behaviors and habits that are not necessarily linked with the year of your birth. Millennial is an attitude, and it doesn’t matter what year you were born in.

The following are some of the characteristics shared by the Millennial Generation at the workplace:

  • Persons who combine the verbs “to collaborate” and “to share” undertaking relationships based on the “win-win” concept.
  • Professionals concerned with their continuous improvement who are aware that today’s knowledge may not be enough tomorrow.
  • Persons who are non-conformists, rebels with a cause, who question what has been pre-established in order to improve it.
  • Persons having open minds who incorporate new ideas and embrace divergence.
  • Professionals needing constant and immediate feedback because they know this will allow them to improve their day-to-day work.
  • Persons who are constantly seeking new challenges and find the greatest motivation in such challenges.
  • Professionals who are go-getters, taking on the risks involved in swimming against the current.
  • Persons who are versatile, multi-career individuals because monotony limits their creative capacities.
  • Persons who include technology so that they can attain the necessary knowledge to grow, professionally and as people.
  • Persons who need freedom and mobility (both technological and mental) in order to be productive and efficient.

All these traits can easily be applied to Cuban Millenials. From musicians to restaurant owners, from designers to app designers, today’s young habaneros, the Millenial Generation, are changing the face of the city. There’re a new vibe and energy across Cuba, especially in Havana. There’s no denying: this is an exciting time for Cuba and Millenial Generation is at the top of it all.