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Cuban Millennials Issue

September 2016

We include guest features from around Cuba, a detailed Havana Events Listing as well as our reviews of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and private accommodation.



Welcome to the September Millennial issue of La Habana magazine.

Much has been said and written about the Millenial Generation or Generation Y by both supporters and faultfinders. They say that they are versatile, multifaceted, quick, open-minded, go-getters, but that they lack patience and are self-centered, focusing on their careers and seeking self-happiness, which is why they are also nicknamed the “me generation.” But however critics or backers may wish to label this generation, the truth is that they are collaborative, achievers, entrepreneurs and responsible. They search for and find solutions. They are not pessimistic. They live in a digital world making them more global-minded.

And how does all this fit into Cuban Millennials? From musicians to restaurant owners, from designers to app designers, today’s young Habaneros, the Millennial Generation, are changing the face of the city. There’s a new vibe and energy across Cuba, especially in Havana. There’s no denying: this is an exciting time for Cuba and the Millennial Generation is at the top of it all and dead-set on making their mark in the world.
In this month’s issue you will find a selection of articles about this generation in Cuba. Our thanks to Jauretsi for her contribution on how Millennials on our Island differ from this generation in the US. Other articles focus on different Cuban Millennials—musicians, designers, entrepreneurs…
September 8 is the feast day of Our Lady of Charity—the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. Religious or not, the procession that takes place every year in the working-class neighborhood of Centro Habana and ends in Nuestra Señora de la Caridad Parrish is not to miss.

Entertainment-wise, there’s a wide selection of music events this month: Habanarte (September 8-18), which involves the participation of artists of all kinds in venues across the city, the Festival of Countertenors of the World (September 30-October 9), and the Baroque September Concert Season (September 2-30).
We especially wish to recommend Rubens y Amberes en blanco y negro (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Edificio de Arte Universal, Sept 1-15), an exhibition of 13 engravings by Flemish and Dutch masters who worked at Ruben’s studio alongside the Master himself.

Pokémon Go has also arrived in Havana. Read all about it in the pieces “Pokémon GO: Running through Havana, skipping from hotspot to hotspot” and “Pokémon Fever.”

Abrazos! Team

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Praise be to Our Lady of Charity!

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