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Peter Jones Cuban trip

Peter Jones Cuban trip

About Pete Jones

I took my first breath of air on a summer day in 1976, downtown Vancouver. Since then, I’ve spent 2 years at the Centre for Digital Imaging & Sound (CDIS) studying Internet Publishing, Graphic Design, Digital Video Editing and Interactive Multimedia Authoring. I guess you could call me a creative designer & photographer, with a dash of geek. It is with my combined technical and creative skill sets that I am proud to present

I purchased my very first camera in 2007, for no apparent reason. I started off as a self-taught hobbyist; primarily shooting landscape, cityscape and wildlife. After 2 years of experience I became semi-professional and began selling prints. I have since introduced variations of ‘people photography’ to my list of services and have graduated to fully professional after 5 years of continued progress, trial & error and the completion of some formal studying. I am extremely grateful to be one of those people who love what I do and do what I love. I recognize that finding one’s passion doesn’t always come easy. June 2013

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