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Plenty of Love despite the rain

Plenty of Love despite the rain

The Sixth International Love In Festival had to contend with some vicious weather with tropical downpours more reminiscent of Bognor Regis than Havana. Nonetheless, an all-star lineup, featuring amongst others Polito Ibáñez, Rochy, Descemer Bueno, Osdalgia, Isis Flores, Rita Donte and Heidy Igualada, Ruta 11, Paso Firme and Tesis de Menta ensured that spirits did not dim too far for the two nights of the festival at the San Carlos de La Cabaña Fortress.

Apart from the music, there was a varied agenda including theater plays, popular craft exhibitions, poetry readings, exhibitions, photography and painting workshops, meditation groups, lectures on culture, science and the environment, and some very talented tattoo artists.

This year the theme was the protection of the environment, which is in keeping with the overall objectives of the Festival organizers which is:

To encourage reflection and dialogue around the issues of their activities.
To encourage people’s respect for the environment.
To advocate a consciousness of peace, doing so in an interpersonal and educational manner.
To benefit society by working for socio-cultural development.

Bring on the love…

December 2013

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