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Stainless vs. The Merger

Stainless vs. The Merger

The symmetry of chaos
The popular TV children’s series Art Attack has become a learning niche for Cuban viewers in recent years. Thanks to its easy-to-follow art, a number of children have managed to create visually attractive art pieces. In the exhibition The Symmetry of Chaos, the creative groups Stainless and The Merger have adopted a similar teaching attitude. Today, these guys want to teach us “how to make art.”

These groups will use anything—stainless steel, Carrara marble, silicone, resin, PVC, aluminum foil, quartz or monolayer paints. They take full advantage of their plastic qualities and shape them to the taste of each inquisitive viewer. Their themes are just as wide ranging. They have tackled the subversion of power in Los tiempos cambian (Times Change), supposed success in Laureados (Prizewinners), and the re-adaptation of great stories in ¿Qué es lo más pesado, héroes? (What’s Carries More Weight, Heroes?). Clearly, their discourses are not restricted to national interpretations.
These groups have transformed the Galiano Gallery in a mixed, chaotic setting, in which the viewer is “hit” by different shapes, colors, textures; a setting in which—and they have given fair warning—art attacks.

Havana, January 2014
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