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Stainless: Youth, energy and audacity

Stainless: Youth, energy and audacity

Unfortunately, Fabelo Hung, one of the three members of the group, is not here today. José Capaz treats us to some hot peanuts he roasted that morning, while Alejandro Piñeiro brings lime soda in elegant wine glasses, which contrast with the workshop’s disorder. José and Alejandro seem somewhat shy in front of the camera, but they have a harmonious working relationship and friendship. So when we inquire as to whose idea was this or that painting or sculpture, or who decided to use a specific material, their answer is always the same: “Stainless.” All of their works are only signed with the name of the group. And they confide that in most cases, in the end, they are unable to say for sure whose idea it was.

The group’s working philosophy has produced innovative and daring results. This, however, does not mean that they they have found full public approval. Ever since their first exhibition, which went by their own name, the artists and their work have been controversial. According to Píter Ortega, curator of their first show, the strong sexual connotation of their pieces, interspersed with humor and irony, is one of the group’s essential characteristics.

On that occasion, when the well-known curator presented the exhibition, he foreboded: “A new promising group in the history of Cuban art is born. I am convinced that what we are witnessing is neither a fleeting adventure nor an impulse driving three youths to seek greatness and fame, but rather the seed of a genuine poetic endeavor in the footsteps of the most avant-garde tradition…”
In 2013, Stainless took part in the homoerotic exhibition Sex in the City at La Acacia Gallery with the photographic series La Galleta (The Cookie), which documents the performance of the same name. The kind of gay sexual ritual of La Galleta had as many supporters as detractors and was inserted in the campaign for sexual liberty and gay rights.

Stainless indisputably has managed to get noticed with their daring themes. They have exhibited in New York, Germany, South Korea, and Italy.

Stainless is made up of artists Alejandro Piñeiro (b. Havana, 1990), José Capaz (b. Havana, 1988) and Fabelo Hung (b. Havana, 1991) April 2014 This article formed part of the April 2014 issue of What’s On Havana The definitive monthly travel & culture guide to Havana Download our current issue of What’s On Havana, your definitive travel, culture and entertainment guide for all things happening in Havana, Cuba’s bustling and enigmatic capital city. We include features from around Cuba written by the best international travel writers covering Cuba. Our monthly online digital magazine is also available in Spanish and French.

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