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The Artistic laboratory of MAC/SAN (San Augustin)

The Artistic laboratory of MAC/SAN (San Augustin)

Home (The 2012 Havana Biennial Art Exhibition )   
Participants in the 2012 MAS/SAN exhibition Stefan Shankland, Candelario, Erik Göngrich, Aurélie Sampeur, Catherine Sicot, Carissa Carman, Florencia Mora, Jorge Alberto Reyes, Viviana Guarnizo, Rocío Polanía, José Leonardo Ruiz, Jaime Ruiz, Juan Pablo Rodríguez, Gonzalo Díaz, Jaime Leudo Hurtado, Denis Antonio Palacios, Jairo Marín, Gonzalo González, Sua Baquero, Rolf Abderhalden, Alexander Morales, Esther Suárez, César Riverón, Amilkar Feria, Leslie Salgado, Pedro Enrique Moya, Andrés Victores, Florian Zeyfang, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Alex Schmoeger, I-Wei Li, Lauren Elder, Oscar Melara and Kate Connell. What is MAC/SAN? MAC/SAN, located in San Agustín western suburb of Havana, addresses the practice of art in the public realm – its form(s) and its relevance from local and international points of views. The project was developed through a collective creative approach resulting from a series of residencies at LASA-laboratorio artistico de san agustín.

MAC/SAN is a hybrid: an artwork and a framework. Rooted in a conceptual approach, MAC/SAN is also contextual and proteiform; a project that is both site-specific and mutable. Amongst its forms are contexts for the design and presentation of other artworks and programmes. Stimulating dialogue on the status of material and immaterial artworks, MAC/SAN also acts as a catalyst for participation, generating a broad approach to contemporary art aesthetic and politics. Combining diverse art practices, MAC/SAN will interconnect discussions often occuring in isolated silos. Hence, for its launch during the 2012 Biennial of Havana, MAC/SAN invites artists, curators, architects, journalists and scholars coming from several European, North and South American countries to contribute to its shaping and its activation. Jun / 2012 Home (The 2012 Havana Biennial Art Exhibition )   

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