Paladar El Reservado

Style of food: Cuban/Creole
Cost: Moderate
Type of place: Paladar (private)
Best for: Excellent Cuban-Creole food. Charming hosts. Feels authentic.
Worst for: A little expensive to really be an authentic neighborhood place.
O'Reilly No. 208 apto7 entre Cuba y San Ignacio, Havana, Cuba
  • Heriberto and Elvis’s paladar is back to the old school style of paladar. That is actually eating in someone’s real home. Small, quiet and cozy. Heriberto will get out the family photo album while Elvis works the kitchen. Entering the main building you take the stairs to the second floor, through an empty room to the back, stay left and walk down the narrow balcony to the ‘third’ door (covered with a white wrought iron screen. This is the paladar.

    This is home made Cuban-Creole food with excellent congris (black beans and rice), fried plantains, excellent chicken and pork as well as a good lobster option. I like the fact that they have a good range of spices and accompaniments.

    Given that this is a small place which basically offers a CUC 15 set menu to groups you want to make a reservation in advance although if you are passing by do check it out. My only real quibble with the place is more a philosophical point about somewhere, which sets out it stall as being authentic but makes it money selling this authenticity to tourists. I guess that it is inevitable and the place gets great reviews.

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