Parrillada 84 y Quince

Style of food: Braiserie
Cost: Cheap
Type of place: Paladar (private)
Best for: Neighborhood style place with ‘real’ Cubans in attendance. Good grilled meats.
Worst for: Reasonably basic décor. Not very glamorous.
Ave. 84 No. 8402 esquina a 15, Playa
(+53)7206 - 3430

  • Translated Parrillada 84 y Quince means Charcoal Grill located on 84th Street on the intersection of 15th Avenue. What more do you need to know? This is really a neighbourhood place just off the busy 84th street, which is in the process of something of an upgrade since it opened in April 2011.

    The place itself is not huge; perhaps 12 tables fill out a rectangular space on an outdoor terrace. I’m not sure if the effect is deliberately minimalist but probably not given some of the kitschy decorations and ornaments on display. A sign of the times is a high quality projector playing the latest music videos on one side.

    The grill is off to one side and managed by the capable and solid Ibrahim Molina Reyes who manages the place. He gives a feeling of solidity to the place and ensures his son works the grill effectively. The food reflects this: large portions of good quality meats for a reasonable price are the pitch and our experience bore this out. Chateaubriand (400 gm) retails at CUC 13.50, the Solomillo de cerdo al carbon (pork sirloin steak) is CUC 8.50 and the rabbit in red wine is CUC 8.50. We did not try the desserts but the baked Alaska looked good.

    While we were there, a steady stream of clients came in, more local Cubans than in some of the more upmarket paladares. This is a low-key place, which probably does not merit an extensive trip to, but if you are close by and want a decent steak at reasonable prices in a pleasant informal atmosphere is not a bad option.

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