V Festival de las Artes

Organized by Cuba’s University of the Arts (ISA), this art festival includes theater, exhibition, audiovisual screenings, competitions, lectures, master classes, demonstrations and workshops aimed at promoting the work of young artists; creating opportunities for a dialogue between writers and artists of different manifestations, training and origins; and showing the teaching process of students and graduates from the University of the Arts, conservatories and academies of the artistic educational system both in Cuba and in universities and art schools abroad.

Participants include Cuban and international artists under 35 years of age with individual or group projects which have been accepted by the Organizing Committee.

The Festival is divided into two main events: Musicalia (music in any format or genre and interdisciplinary projects), Elsinor (stage production, dramatized readings, performances, public interventions and video-installations), Marcapasos (contemporary dance, ballet, folklore and interdisciplinary projects), Imago (fiction films, documentaries, animated films, music videos, spots/trailers, one-minute shorts, radio shows, scripts), Expo-ISA (visual art projects of all kinds of expressive means and techniques and interdisciplinary projects) and Jornada del Joven Restaurador (papers or posters on conservation-restoration of tangible cultural heritage, challenges faced by museology, Cuban intangible heritage and Cuban cultural heritage management; also a painting competition and a photography competition on Cuban national heritage).

The Elsinore Theatre Festival has been held in Cuba every year for over 30 years. The staging of plays in theaters and open spaces, set design, dramatic texts, criticism and research related to the world of theater are part of the activities that take place during the festival. This is a showcase for young Cuban playwrights (there is an age limit of 35), and an opportunity for them to reach a wider public, to experiment with new works and to collaborate with old alumni from the University of the Arts (ISA).

  • 2014 Serie Nacional de Béisbol Play-offs

    2014 Serie Nacional de Béisbol Play-offs  LH 5

    Simplicity is the key word for baseball in Cuba, with no luxury boxes, huge electronic scoreboards or celebrity baseball players. As in many things in Cuba, there is no shortage of passion and this se …

    Cubadisco: Cuba’s premier music awards show

    Cubadisco: Cuba’s premier music awards show  LH 5

    Nothing to do with discotheques, the International Cubadisco Fair begun in 1997 as a way to bring to national and international attention what the Cuban recording industry has been up to. It includes …

    Marabana—The 2012 Havana Marathon

    Marabana—The 2012 Havana Marathon  LH 5

    Marabana is Havana’s annual marathon. Typically an exercise for me in making resolutions to get fit and participate in the race the next year, or a reminder that last’s year’s resolution is now forfei …

    64th Ernest Hemingway International Billfish Tournament

    64th Ernest Hemingway International Billfish Tournament  LH 5

    Like all the best fishing stories, mine began in a bar. One evening in Havana, I was introduced to a man called Stewart, an affable commercial manager in a London building firm. It turned out he was p …

    1st Havana World Music Festival

    1st Havana World Music Festival  LH 5

    Organized by a nonprofit group led by young Cuban singer and composer Eme Alfonso, the 1st Havana World Music Festival (February 7-8, 2014) sought to open a window from Cuba onto the world and from th …

    Cine Pobre: Cuba’s alternative film festival

    Cine Pobre: Cuba’s alternative film festival  LH 5

    Cine Pobre is authentic, charming and off-the-beaten track even in Cuba. Traditionally held in Gibrara, a small fishing village which sleeps the rest of the year away, for a week in April, this become …

    The Marabana – Run Charlie run

    The Marabana – Run Charlie run  LH 5

    Race experience (Nov 2010) It is dark outside, 5.30am. Wishful thinking that I could simply sleep in and let the Havana marathon wait another year. I have, after all, been signed in various times over …

    Harley Davidson Varadero Rally, 2012

    Harley Davidson Varadero Rally, 2012  LH 5

    Part of Cuba’s attraction undeniably is its pre-1960s vintage from the classic American cars through Tropicana and Buena Vista Social Club to simply the feel and look of the place. That it also harbor …

    The Rotilla Festival in Jibacoa

    The Rotilla Festival in Jibacoa  LH 5

    Founded in 1998, the Rotilla Festival started as a rave between friends and grew over the years to become Cuba’s largest annual concert (attracting over 20,000 people in 2010). While it started out li …

    The Lucas Music Video Awards

    The Lucas Music Video Awards  LH 5

    Lucas, the Cuban TV show dedicated entirely to national music videos, will have been on the air for 16 years in 2013. Passionately championed by some and flatly rejected by others, almost no one remai …

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