The Yellow Submarine – The Beatles are in Havana!

“The band played like rebels. Fast and raw, they zipped up and down the bass lines of “Dear Prudence” as if the song were new. They raced through “Rocky Raccoon,” and when they reached the opening words of “Let It Be”—‘When I find myself in times of trouble’—the entire crowd began singing along, swaying, staring at the band or belting out the chorus with their eyes closed in rapture.”
Damian Cave, New York Times

Even if you aren’t fond of rock music (and I am not!) it is well worth a visit to experience something new and is one of the rare places where ‘ordinary’ (whatever they are) Cubans go to enjoy a night out while foreigners also fit in without it being a catered expatriate or tourist place.

For the generation of Cubans who listened to the Beatles behind closed doors, to have John Lennon sitting on a bench of a park in the heart El Vedado in Havana is like a dream come true. Not being able to have enjoyed the real thing, a sculpture of the famous Beatle would have to do. But people wanted more than just a bronze image.

Havana had plenty of clubs but none devoted to rock music. Happily, that would change this year when The Yellow Submarine, the first nightclub exclusively dedicated to rock in Havana opened in April 2011. Its design recreates the aesthetic canons of pop art with a contemporary spirit, and on its walls you can read—or sing—Beatles lyrics such as “Yesterday,” “Help” and “All You Need is Love.”

The club, which is close to the now famous park that goes by the name of John Lennon, is located on 17th St. on the corner of 6th. It opens daily, except Mondays, at 2:00pm with the screening of videos and films related to the 1960s and 70s, and continues at 9pm with live performances by Cuban rock bands of yesteryear and today–Los Kent, Dimensión Vertical, Partes Privadas, Los Tackson, Magnum, Los Gafas, Osamu and Doble A. Admission is 50 pesos.

The bar opens at 2pm and has a wide variety of whiskeys, tequila, gin, Havana Club rums and, of course, a broad range of Cuban cocktails. The club’s special drink, Submarino Amarillo, is prepared with Añejo Especial rum, Casillero del Diablo white wine, orange and pineapple juice, and a few drops of Blue Curacao.

Food is available in the form of light meals, such as sandwiches, seafood cocktails and snacks.

Although relatively new, the club has already established a strong reputation.

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