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Big Announcement
Cuba Absolutely is joining LaHabana.com


Cuba Absolutely is joining LaHabana.com. As we gradually move to our new home, the digital destination, we will continue to showcase the best in Cuban culture, life-style, sport, travel and much more…

To our loyal readers to date: thanks for your continued support! We hope you will soon be joined by many more.

Together we will explore Cuba through the eyes of the best writers, photographers and filmmakers, both Cuban and international, who live, work, travel and play in Cuba. We do this through beautiful pictures, great videos, opinionated reviews, insightful articles and inside tips.

For our first issue together we have gone on a road trip east from Havana, around 760km to be precise to the steamy, sultry and very Caribbean city of Santiago de Cuba. The cradle of the Revolution has had a makeover so good for its 500th Birthday to be celebrated on July 25, 2015 that even the most devout Habaneros may forgive us this month for dedicating this issue to the city.

To understand the importance to Cuba of Santiago de Cuba we quote the Cuban poet, Waldo Leyva:

Should you ever find some stone that has never

been hurled against the enemy, should you ever

find any street over which no hero has walked…

then and only then can you say that Santiago does

not exist

Apart from the anniversary, this month also features an article on the Anniversary of the attack on Moncada barrack which really kick started the Revolution all those years ago as well as well as pieces on Cuba’s best Carnival, held in the city from July 21-29 and the Caribe Festival del Fuego. If you need an excuse to make the trip you can always sign up for the business forum, Cuba-Caribe Fórum that takes place from July 15-17 in Santiago.

We will be back to Havana for next month’s issue but in the meantime head east and enjoy the party.


The LaHabana.com Team