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The World´s Longest Cigar is in Cuba

The World´s Longest Cigar is in Cuba

The cigar roller who makes the world´s longest cigar lives in Cuba. He´s 71 and still has confidence in his skills and shows loves for his work. José Castelar (Cueto), a five-time winner of the Guinness Record, beat his own 2011 world mark of 81.80 meters. It took him about eight working sessions.

Cueto really reached the 90 meters in the length of his cigar. This is his sixth world record in the Premium (hand rolled) type, and he used some 80 kg of raw materials for this record (a mixture of different types of tobacco leaves).

In order to give a good finish to his big cigar, Cueto selected leaves with special texture and sheen.

José Castelar, who learnt to make cigars when he was 5, is proud to belong to the family of Cuban cigar rollers. In Cuba, cigar rollers have always enjoyed prestige and recognition by the population, as many of them engaged in the wars for national liberation. In fact, cigars were used to hide within them secret messages that were supposed to travel long distances to reach their destination.

Cueto has an assistant, René Valdés Miller, who prepares the leaves for him, as they should be stretched and tied to make the final outer layer of cigars.

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