• Cafetería 23 y P

    Cafetería 23 y P  LH 2

    Close to the Yara cinema, this is a regular bar that has become a gay evening hangout simply because most of its clients happen to be, well, gay.

    Cafetería Sofía

    Cafetería Sofía  LH 2+

    This is the local that everyone loves to hate. On a quiet night it may be the only bar in the neighborhood that is really busy, which, given its unattractive décor and lack of sophistication may come …

    La Fuente

    La Fuente  LH 2+

    In the interests of transparency I have to admit that this used to be my local and I maintain a very soft spot for the place. With greenery on all sides and a (generally nonfunctioning) fountain in th …