• Marakas

    Marakas  LH 3

    Once upon a time this used to one of the best pizza places in Havana. Nowadays I don’t know. Certainly it is better than it looks–don’t be put off by the cheap tables and the pictorial map of Italy o …

    Castas y Tal

    Castas y Tal  LH 3

    Castas y Tal is located on the 11th floor of a large apartment building in Vedado, just around the corner from Hotel Presidente. The restaurant really has three discreet areas, a main dining room that …

    La Chuchería

    La Chuchería  LH 3

    Tourists often seem somewhat conflicted between finding a place that authentic real Cubans go to and somewhere where there is toiler paper in the bathrooms and the food is reliable. La Chuchería tick …

    Meliá Cohíba Hotel – Habana Café

    Meliá Cohíba Hotel – Habana Café  LH 4-

    This is where Vincent Vega would get his ten-dollar shake in Havana and although you cannot actually sit inside the Chevy, Pontiac and Buick, which grace the interior; they do add 1950’s chic to the p …


    D’Doce  LH 3

    D’Doce opened on April 17, 2011. We turned up two days later having seen the large stylish sign outside and a pink glow from inside which was intriguing. It is located on the second floor in the front …


    Decamerón  LH 4-

    Located on the corner of Línea and Paseo (park by the gas station on Línea), from the outside this place looks pretty nondescript. This is an indoor place, no view, and no terrace. Non-smokers beware …

    1830 Restaurant

    1830 Restaurant  LH 2

    I have been to a few parties at 1830 where it would be fair to say that ‘old-world opulence meets Hollywood glamour in this eclectic-style house’. Unfortunately, on an ordinary night, this is simply n …

    Juana la Cubana

    Juana la Cubana  LH 2+

    This is an outdoor restaurant with quality food and reasonable prices. You have to take a picture with Juana la Cubana’s horse and then sit back to enjoy a good Cuban Creole meal.

    La Casona de 17

    La Casona de 17  LH 2

    This painted, peach-coloured 1920s mansion has two indoor colonial-style dining rooms and an outdoor grill restaurant. Both offer healthy-sized traditional Creole dishes, which are reasonable value wi …

    Casa de la Amistad – Primavera

    Casa de la Amistad – Primavera  LH 2

    If you like interior design, then a table for dinner at this exquisite mansion built in the 1920’s by the wealthy Catalina Lasa is a must. The food is pretty standard fare but the house is to die for. …

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